SM FamPixRGBSusie, age 72, retired“I had a few years of piano lessons in my youth, but sadly dropped out of lessons because I hated the stress of playing piano exams every year.  I didn’t play piano at all for a long time, and was so pleased to discover a teacher like Dorothy and the Simply Music method that she teaches.  Without having to focus on reading music at first, it was the perfect way to get me playing piano again!  I love being able to sit down and play a few pieces every day, and look forward to my next lesson.”

Judy, mother of 2:   “Both my children, aged 7 and 9, have been students of Dorothy for the past year.  They love their lessons – there is much laughter and enjoyment in the room, and especially loved being able to play a few Blues pieces after only one term of lessons.  They thought     they were very cool after this!  Dorothy is very encouraging and makes them believe they can do things, even when they think it might be too hard.”  

Joanne, age 48:    “As a housewife and mother of 3, I always sat back and watched my children have music lessons, while I secretly longed to be able to play the piano myself.   I read about the Simply Music method in my local newspaper, and immediately felt that this could be the perfect way for me to get started.  I had always felt nervous about inquiring about lessons for myself, because I thought I might be too old to start learning!  However, I have now been taking lessons with Dorothy for a couple of years and my family is amazed at how many pieces I can play for them.”